April 2009

Hi Algy

We were absolutely blown away by Umtendwe and had a great weekend everything was just perfect.

Thank you very much!

Wayne du Preez

February 2009

We had a marvelous time. The cottages are divine – well designed & perfectly appointed and decorated, miraculously there was even a supply of the two things I had left behind by mistake – salt and some tinfoil! The braai is an ingenious design and we only saw one other person - who came to look at the beach from the gate at the right. We glimpsed fishermen way off in the distance towards double mouth and down towards Marshstrand – oh sorry, we also saw a black woman looking for beads and shells at treasure beach. We could quite easily have imagined ourselves to be on a desert island – magnificent. The natural tidal pool in the rocks at Black Rock is fantastic and the river walk was hot and humid – but very beautiful – needs a few more signs though, because the path is extremely overgrown and sometimes we weren’t sure we were still on it! Didn’t like the spiders webs though!!!! Had to walk waving a big stick in front of me to clear them – but that’s typical forest for you.

We saw two little deer – very timidly nibbling grass through the clearing on the way down to the beach and celebrated the lack of ha-de-dahs. We were actually both so reluctant to start packing up on Sunday – but thank you, we will definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues – and go back when Ken gets his Fortuner. You are very, very fortunate to have such a lovely place.

Debbie Boardman


Dear Algy

Umtendwe - not just a holiday facility or beach house, but surely the outworking of your dream and vision. Thanks for a memorable weekend!

We admired all the natural building materials used. The place has a warm, mellow atmosphere, in contrast to some of the other "monstrosities" around. Thankfully, they are out of sight. What enticing outdoor nooks, crannies and glades you have created for picnics, chill-outs, etc. One would have to stay for a month to enjoy them all.

The birding is great- we'll see if we can get the birdclub to organise an outing to Umtendwe. We also went on a photographic walk up the river and ran out of battery long before we ran out of must-have shots.

We constantly revelled in the quietness- only the sound of the sea. Even the monkeys were peaceful, though inquisitive. On Saturday we walked to treasure beach - in absolutely windstill weather, with the sea-mists rising. On Sunday we walked to Haga-Haga and caught the East wind on the way back- felt like real Standlopers! There were plenty of shells and driftwood shapes to distract us.

Dining alfresco was really special. All your furnishings and equipment are top-quality - an upgraded tin-opener, a few more mats on the stone floor for winter and more than one pillow per person would be the only improvements we could think of. (Note by manager: these are being taken care of.)

We'll definitely be back - we took some of the brochures to pass on to some of our more discerning friends.

Thanks once again
Verena and David Salzwedel


Dearest Liz and Paul (co-owners)

Thank you guys for truly wonderful hols we had at Umtendwe! Not to mention memories and photographs.

For me the endless walks over the hills are so amazing. Definitely the kind of place to return to time and time again.

Thank you so much you found and created a place to behold.
Lots of love and Blessings


Visiting Umtendwe (twice) were two of our most memorable holidays ever! A fantastic place to get away from it all, and to such an untouched and special place. With a good mixture of wonderful swimming beaches, rock pools, forests that need exploring, walks on rolling green hills overlooking the ocean and lots of fresh air! The kids loved every minute of it and so did we. Looking at the pics makes us want to back again to one of the more beautiful parts of our coastline.

Thanks Paul and Lizzy for sharing Untendwe with us.



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